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West Hollywood Mixed Use
Mixed Use has become a neccessity in urban revitalization. It is a basic configuration to allow for pedestrian traffic.
Construction Management
Urban d'ECO Development performs design build and construction management services for private, and public developments.
Better Way of Living
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Urban d'ECO creats Mixed Use, multi family, and single family developments and projects.
Urban d'ECO Development works with the best investors, lenders, real estate companies, property management companies, the community, and the Municipality of Anchorage to bring the most attractive, functional, accessable and fun space to live, work, and play to its tenants and buyers. 
We create synergies with other developers and stakeholders that want to make the ultimate spaces available to tenants and buyers. 

In The Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are changing and becoming more functional to families and individuals. Think about it. Instead of being cooped up and isolated in your dwelling you can now walk out your door and see activity, people, art, recreation, public forums and many other ammenities that have been separated by archaic urban planning methods.
Peacfull enjoyment of breakfast, lunch, and dinner can inspire families to work together, talk to each other, and create longer lasting enjoyable relationships. 
Enjoy open space living and dining. This type of open space creates more interaction with families and guests and promotes and attitude of working together. Why communicate with others on your cell phone when there is wonderful poeople right next to you.
How nice to have a setting where you can be by yourself and concentrate, then walk into the next room and be with someone you love.
Attractive outdoor space is healthy, inspiring, and fun. Taking pride in our properties is what we do for our tenants and buyers. We love seeing them smile and enjoying recreation, and relaxation.
The Apartment For All Ages


We create lovely spaces to live, work, and play. Urban revitalization and creating mixed spaces to reduce the need for car traffic just makes sense.The move affront is to create town centers and main employment centers where people can dwell and connect those centers by public transportation. 
  1. Cozy Entrance
    Cozy Entrance
    Come on in and take your shoes off. Having a place to take your shoes off and hang your coat up in Alaska is most comforting.
  2. Tranquil Landscape
    Tranquil Landscape
    We use uplifting landscape design for our tenants and Buyers. It is very important to listen to our customers.
  3. Master Suite Privacy
    Master Suite Privacy
    Nice to go to your own private space and chill. Having a private suite that you can relax and enjoy is wonderful.
  4. Bright Exterior
    Bright Exterior
    Our renters love our exterior designs. They want to live, work and play in an attractive space.
  5. Kitchen is for Family and Guests
    Kitchen is for Family and Guests
    Have a bright kitchen design for gathering and meals is inspiring. Take advantage of the open space Urban d'ECO designs and builds.
  6. Jacuzzi
    Having a jacuzzi tub can be so relaxing. Why not have a whirlpool experience every day where you live. So relaxing.
Urban d'ECO Development Profile
Urban d'ECO Development performs total project development activities including Predevelopment, Construction, Start-up Operations, Stabalized Operations, and Sales.
  • Urban d'ECO Development has been in business since 1975.
  • Urban Planning, Design, Construction and Operations
  • Performed over 25 projects
  • Located at 829 Oceanview Dr. Anchoage Alaska 99515
  • 907-382-1710
  • Locations: Anchorage Alaska and Southern California
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and do not violate employee privacy
  • Our goal is to be the best partner in Real Estate Development
  • We strive for 100% Tenant and Buyer Satisfaction

Urban d'ECO Development strives to provide mixed use, apartments, and homes for tenants and buyers. 

We strive to create the most affordable, luxurious, functional, attractive, and socially inviting spaces to live, work, and play. 

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829 Oceanview Drive |Anchorage AK | 99515
Telephone:   (907) 382-1710 
If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !
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